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Rose Colored Glasses
Agreeable Companions?

by: Yasai-chan

           Kaoru frowned as she looked out the window at Kenshin. Enishi’s presence was really getting to him. He’d been silently brooding most of the time, even though outwardly he seemed the same. She loved Kenshin in a silent longing kind of way, but she really couldn’t refuse Enishi such a simple request. He hadn’t asked much, and as he had said he was paying his way.

            Enishi had started working as a blacksmith down in town. He didn’t do anything big, nor compete with the already existing smith, Mori; he preferred to fix things that got bent out of shape, or make things on request. If anything the other blacksmith was grateful for the load taken off of him, and Mori’s wife often brought lunch to Enishi.

            Kaoru sometimes wondered where he had gotten the knowledge or supplies for the job, but preferred not to ask, as his past had likely been a difficult one. She wished Sano would be so reliable.

            Now that Enishi was around, Sano was around more than ever. He was also freeloading more than ever. Kaoru winced. He used the excuse that he wanted to keep an eye on Enishi because he didn’t trust him, but the truth was, if Enishi entered a room, Sano usually left, or otherwise avoided him. Kaoru sighed. It had been a silent uneventful month, but the tension in the household was apparent.

            Kenshin vigorously scrubbed at the laundry. He was mad at himself for not objecting to Enishi’s stay. But if Kaoru had looked at him with those eyes he didn’t know what he could have done. He would likely have accepted in the end anyway.

            Kaoru hadn’t changed towards him, which was a good thing; she still seemed fond of him. Kenshin sighed, he really should have told her how he felt earlier, now every time he tried, and Enishi was somehow in the way. The man was either deliberately doing it, or he had an impeccable sense of timing.

            Kenshin disliked the face that Kaoru’s face lit up every time Enishi entered a room. It was an almost imperceptible change, and less so than people pointed out her doing for him, but still it wasn’t good.  Something would have to be done about Enishi soon or he might find himself doing something he regretted.

           He winced as he looked at the shire he had been scrubbing. There was the starting of a hole in the fabric and it was beginning to fade in color. He was about to sheepishly hang it up to dry when he realized it was Enishi’s. He forced it back in the water and energetically scrubbed.  It was better to work out his aggression here anyhow, he thought with a grin.

           Sano slunk around, he was trying to follow Enishi without being caught and it was proving harder than he thought. He kept getting the feeling that Enishi knew he was there. He glared as he darted around a corner. Enishi hadn’t done anything yet, but Sano was sure the white haired freak had to be plotting something.

           Everyday he went to that little anvil under a roof with an open wall, he talked politely to any customers that came, he pounded with that silly hammer, sweat running down his face and arms. Sano frowned. What an uncomfortable lifestyle, why didn’t Enishi just freeload like everyone else? He wondered. Jo-chan likely still wouldn’t throw him out.

           Sano sighed he wasn’t getting anywhere. He should just stop over by the fox’s house. She was good at scheming; maybe she’d have some ideas.

           Yahiko loathed Enishi. More than anything he hated, more than, more than… well he hated Enishi so much he couldn’t think of anything else he hated. The man grated on his nerves like metal against china. He didn’t know how Kaoru could let him stay here after everything he had done. He had threatened Yahiko’s family, he almost took everything away. He could never forgive that. This… was what went through Yahiko’s mind anyway, as he gnawed on Enishi’s leg.

           Enishi looked down at the little munchkin as he stood in the doorway to the dojo. They went through this every night and he was tired of prying the rabid monkey off. He walked into the dojo, dragging Yahiko on his leg.

           Kaoru walked into the room as she heard someone enter, knowing full well it was Enishi. She looked up at Enishi’s expression and then down at the barnacle on his leg. She couldn’t help it, and broke out in laughter as Enishi handed her the Tofu and some other groceries she’d asked him to get.

           She was still laughing as she went out to find Kenshin to ask him if he wanted to make dinner. He was still doing the laundry. Kaoru eyed the line as she noticed a few items of clothing had holes warn through them, and they were all Enishi’s. Kenshin was humming happily as he scrubbed. Kaoru raised an eyebrow at him and handed the groceries to him.

           “Oro?” he said looking at her innocently.

           “Uhm, Kenshin. You go make dinner, I’d better finish this before you do any more damage.” Kaoru said humorously. Kenshin headed off to the kitchen., Kaoru watching him from behind.

           Kaoru started on the rest of the laundry. As always Kenshin had done everything perfectly… except for Enishi’s clothes. She chuckled to herself. No one had objected when she said Enishi was staying here. They knew better than to argue with her by now and they didn’t have any grounds for refusal… but.. They were certainly making their opinion known. Kaoru laughed into the fading light.

           The truth was having Enishi around was more helpful than she’d expected. He brought in money, he fixed things… There had been many faulty boards he’d replaced without even being asked. And he brought home groceries with him every night. She couldn’t really complain about anything. Because of him they’d been eating better meals.

           Kaoru sighed. She really had to find a way to get everyone to trust Enishi. They wouldn’t very well do it if she just told them to.

           Megumi was vastly interested in everything Sano had to say. She hadn’t been told Enishi was staying there until now. She’d better make it a habit to visit more often, she thought to herself.

           “You know it’s a common thing for people who are kidnapped to fall in love with their captors” she said thoughtfully. Sano looked horrified.

           “Is there a cure?!” He asked. He didn’t like this thought at all, Jo-chan and Kenshin were made for each other.

           “Weellll…” Megumi started “Maybe if we make her jealous she’ll go back to ken-san.”

           “Either that or smack him into submission” Sano retorted, Megumi smiled.

           “Isn’t that the same thing?” she replied. Sano gave her a funny look.

            Enishi was in the household now, but how was he going to start convincing Kaoru to fall in love with him and get over Kenshin? He had to trick Kenshin into starting something.. Enishi thought to himself smiling. This would be fun.

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