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- Updated the blogs.
- We have our first fanart from Shinta. ^_^ Domou arigatou gozaimashita! *bows deeply in gratitude*
- Enishi & Kaoru have their own email addys now. You can email Enishi at, Kaoru at ^_^
- Amazing... we still have that email account. ^_^ Yey, yey!!! Please sign up!


- Posted new Top 10 list and ExK's review of the Seisou hen. Review found in misc. page.
- Surfed the net earlier and discovered more ENIKAO Japanese sites. ^_^ URLs and site navigation instructions can be found in our links page. Also fixed our layout a bit.


- As you can see, we changed our layout a *bit.* Too bland for your taste? Please let us know!
- The funstuff page is now located in the ExK section. The links page is in the support section, along with lists of people to thank, rings we're in and causes we support. We also have new links!!!
- Oh yeah, click on Enishi and Kaoru for their respective blogs. ^_^ But if that doesn't work, you can find it in the ExK section.


Uploaded fics by Yasai-chan and Hitokiri Tanuki-chan. ^_^ Thanks so much!!! You're so kind. ^_^ Keep writing and keep ExK's love alive!!! ^_^

I also fixed the pages of Rose Colored Glasses. Will put reviews and Tenshimuyo's unearthed fanfic hopefully in the near future.

-- MnT --


Uploaded fic by Yasai-chan. The pages are a bit messy though. It's 1:43 am here and I'm sleepy. -_-

-- MnT --


Finally uploaded Enishi's and Kaoru's respective blogs. We adopted them, in case you didn't notice.^_^ Also included Cheri Belle's contribution to the YKYLExKTMW... list. Arigatou, Cheri Belle-chan!^_^

-- MnT --


While I was out yesterday, Tenshimuyo-chan surfed the net and searched for ExK fandom yet again. I don't know everything she found but I heard that she read a fanfic on written by Yasai-chan. By the way, Yasai-chan contributed to the YKYLExKTMW... list. Thanks Yasai-chan! ^_^

Somebody voted for the EnishixKenshin pairing. I don't know who it was. o.O To vote, click here

-- MnT --


Yey! Our poll's finally working! (I think. ^^;;;) We also put up the ExK Top 10 lists and updated the YKYLExKTMW... list. Thanks Tomoe-chan! ^_^

-- MnT -- (Yep, I'm the update girl)


Check out our pitas page for some of the updates. I'm lazy these days.

-- MnT --


We finally have some doujinshi scans!!! Oh joy!!! Waii! Thanks a lot to Megann. *cheshire cat grin* Check out our doujinshi page. Visit Megann's site while you're at it! Check out our links page. ^_^

Added the What's in a Name section. ^_^ I just stumbled upon it while surfing the net. I have absolutely no idea how the Japanese analyze the personalities of people based on their names. But I think the descriptions are fairly accurate. You'll have to see for yourself. For more information, please visit the ones who made the analyses,

Also added our poll. ^_^ It's located in the funstuff section. Please check it out.

Happy Holidays!!!

-- Maigo no Tenshi-chan --

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