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Those two's fat and bratty two year old cousin arrived today. He's one of the few kids who's not afraid of me. Unlike the neighbor's kid who whimpers everytime he sees me. But then again, that fat cousin of their's dances on cue so I'm not sure that little boy's normal.

I tried to teach him kendo but everytime he holds his toy sword, he shouts "BANG!" at the top of his lungs. 

Silly kid.


It's those two's mom's birthday today. She keeps telling me she's only 25. Yeah, and I'm Battousai's number 1 fan.

At least she fed me cake and spaghetti. I'm amazed at the amount of spaghetti the update adopter can cram in her mouth in such a short time. Where does it go? She doesn't seem to grow. She's even shorter than Kaoru.

I just saw her run to the bathroom. She must have crammed too much in her mouth. I'm guessing that's where it goes. XD


Kristal: Pokemon match? Damn kid beat my MewTwo with her friggin' Elekid

I don't know what you're talking about.


I am now sick of the Dave Matthews band's song called "The Space Between." The update adopter says it's perfect for me and Kaoru and listens to it over and over and over again. She's trying to write a songfic but unfortunately for her, she's not much of a fiction writer. Needless to say I enjoy seeing her suffer.


I vow Jinchuu against all of 'neesan's flamers.

And must one be a scarred and short redhead to inspire a lot of support? C'mon people, y'know I'm right here. Show some respect. Make a site devoted to me/ me and Kaoru. Sign my guestbook. 

Oh yeah, sign Kaoru's too.


No, Pitdragon, YOU CANNOT and WILL NOT have MY SWORD... hmmm... Are we talking about the same *sword?* XD Let me know and I'd get right back at yah.