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Thanks to Yasai-chan, Hitokiri Tanuki-chan, mely, rembrandt77, Mikami for allowing their fics to be posted on the site. Thanks to Megann for allowing her doujinshi scans to be posted. Thanks to Shinta for fanart. Thanks to Firuze and Tomoe-chan for allowing us to make them affiliates. Thanks to Maigo-chan for translating volumes of RK manga. Also a big thank you to Firuze for her overall support. ^____^

Thanks to Yuu-sama, manager of Passion Island for emailing us and giving us info (and warning) about doujinshi. Thanks to Rie-sama of CHAOS TRAP for being so nice to us. ^_^ Thanks to the both of them for putting English link guides on their sites, thus making it more accesible for people who can't read Japanese.

Thanks to everyone who signed the guestbook and contributed to the list. None of these would've happened if it weren't for you.

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