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Disclaimer: If you’ve read the YKYLExKTMW list before, you know that one of the things that prove unswerving devotion to ExK is a massive revision of the Rurouni Kenshin storyline, with Enishi as the lead character. Well (drumroll please), here it is. We’ve always felt that Enishi’s comic potential was unrealized and yadda yadda yadda…you get our point. We have no idea how far this will take us and would appreciate your comments, suggestions, and contributions. Email it to the usual addy, but for the minority who haven’t memorized it by now --*sweatdrops* Enishi’s confidence is contagious—it’s ekproject@lycos.com or webdominatrix@enishixkaoru.zzn.com We’ll be waiting.

Oh, and if a lot of the dialogue seems familiar to you, it probably is. We used Maigo-chan’s translations as a framework for these rewrites and purposely left some of the original dialogue in. We wanted to see exactly how much of the original story would hold up, and quite a few lines remained relevant, especially Kaoru’s. (Maigo-chan, hope you got our email by now and won’t vow jinchuu on us because we used your translations; we are forever grateful. And we linked you.^^;)

Also, the usual disclaimers about Rurouni Kenshin, its characters, Nobuhiro Watsuki, Shonen Jump, Sony, and rightful ownership apply. We’re still very poor, and have nothing against salesmen.^_~

Rurouni Rewrites

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Disclaimer: Site created by the ExK no Tenshi-tachi. Enishi, Kaoru & other Rurouni Kenshin characters belong to Watsuki Nobuhiro-sensei, Sony, and Shonen Jump. The rest are products of the webdominatrices' imagination. Please don't sue us. We're very poor.